RF Cable Assembly

We supply a wide range of RF cable assemblies with different connectors, max. 67GHz:

1. DC-67GHz, Low loss and Phase stable, Ultra flexible and Semi-rigid coax cable.
2. DC-67GHz, Cable assemblies including test level assemblies.
3. Custom-made cable.

B​rief Introduction

We have 11 series products including 8 series for system engineering appliacation, 2 series for test & measurement, 1 series of armor cable.

If you need seismic and torsional resistance, ZA series are the best choice.

​​​If you need low loss and phase stable, ZB series and ZF series are two options you can choose from.

  a. Choose ZB or ZF series according to operation frequency, performance request and project budget.

  b. ZB series cables are the best amplitude and phase stability, frequency can be up to 67GHz.

  c. ZF series cables performance are slightly worse than ZB series cables. The frequency can be up to 26.5GHz, and cost are 30% lower than ZB series.

If you need super flexible cables, ZE and ZG series are the choice.

  a. ZE series cables are easy to shape, and the springback is less than 15%. The relevant performance of ZG series cables are slightly worse than ZE series.

  b. The ZE series cost are twice as much as ZG series.

If you need semi-rigid cable, ZD series is the choice.

If you need traditional cable, ZC series is the choice.

If you need test cable, ZHPT and ZDT are the choices.

   a. ZHPT series are the high precision test cable with high cost.

  b. ZDT series are the durable test cable with lower cost. 

Armor can protect cables, you can select the matched armor in the cables selection table.

Please send us messages or email if any questions, response would be provided within one working day.

  • ​Special multi-layer structure PTFE armor, torsional pressure-resistant and flexible, can effectively protect the interface of precision instruments. 
  • ​Good amplitude stablility, excellent mechanical phase stability. 
  • ​High reliability ensures the consistency of multiple measurements in the same environment. 

​ZC Series Basic & Economical Type
  • The dielectric is PTFE extrusion structure, and Velocity of Propagation is 70%.
  • Specification size are regular standard types, they can match the standard connectors easily.
  • Widely used in cabinets, PCB connection, suitable for the situation where the performance requirement of the product is not high and the cost is low.

  • ​ZMH series was developed independently on the basis of the advantages of many foreign brands 
  • ​ZMH-113 cable is widely used in the central feeder of the bending joint of the handeld machine, military radio etc.
  • ​ZMH-178 cable is widely used in the connection in the narrow space.

    • ZF series cables performance is closed to ZB series, but the price is almost half of ZB series. 
    • ZF series cables operation frequency are lower than ZB series. Eg: ZB-500 cable's max operation frequency is 26.5GHz, while ZF-500 cable is 13.5GHz max. 
    • ​Compared to cost budget, ZF series cables are the best choice base on same performance request.

  • ​Working temperature: +200
  • ​Special cable structure could adapt to the using environment of anti-torque, anti-bending, anti-vibration
  • ​Three shielding layers, shielding efficiency >100dB

  • The dielectric is LD-PTFE wrapping structure, insertion loss is 30% lower than solid PTFE, 100% lower at temperature phase change rate, reduce 20% weight and raise 200% power.
    • Develop 40GHz ultra low loss semi-rigid cable exclusively, insertion loss is 2.35dB/m 
    • Seamless copper pipe: Bare copper, tin-plating and Ternary alloy plating are available.
    • Widely used in precision phased-array radar and other equipments.

  • ​ZG and ZE series cables are all super flexible, the different as as below:
  • ​ZG series cable's cut-off frequency is lower than ZE series. 
  • ZG series cable's springback and shape are lower than ZE series.
  • ​ZG series's cable insertion loss is approximately 16% higher than ZE series.
  • ZG series cable cost is almost half of ZE series. ZG series is the best choice based on the same performance request, considering of project budget.

  • ​Dust-proof, water-proof, moisture-proof, oil-proof, anti-rat, super protective. 
  • ​Resistance to torsion, pressure, tension, wear, violence, super strength. 
  • ​Stable mechanical phase, stable temperature phase, stable amplitude.
  • Meet the test requirements, achieve the best combination of cost and performance.
  • Widely used in the environment of frequent disassembly, frequent receiving and releasing. The environment of pulling, dragging, treading frequently. The environment for wall, suspension, high temperature exposure. The environment for under oil, under water and under cover. Interconnecting and intermodulation under the condition of outdoor abominable environment

ZB Series Low loss & Phase Stable
  • Ultra low loss Model: ZB-500, out diameter 5.2mm, insertion loss 1dB/m@18GHz
  • Mechanical phase stability Model: ZB-360, out diameter 3.6mm, ±3°@18GHz 
  • Temperature phase change rate: 500ppm @ -40℃-+80℃
  • Widely used on military radar, phased-array radar, electronic warfare, aircraft devices, and etc at critical enviornment.