Cable Assembly

ZDT series Durable Test Cable


  • ​Dust-proof, water-proof, moisture-proof, oil-proof, anti-rat, super protective. 
  • ​Resistance to torsion, pressure, tension, wear, violence, super strength. 
  • ​Stable mechanical phase, stable temperature phase, stable amplitude.
  • Meet the test requirements, achieve the best combination of cost and performance.


  • Widely used in the environment of frequent disassembly, frequent receiving and releasing. 
  • The environment of pulling, dragging, treading frequently. 
  • The environment for wall, suspension, high temperature exposure. 
  • The environment for under oil, under water and under cover. 
  • Interconnecting and intermodulation under the condition of outdoor abominable environment

Size unitmm
Outer Diameter of Armor10.8
Max. Outside Diameter13.2
Compressive Strength of Armor200N/25mm
Bending Radius of Armor25
Conector Retention Force>175lbs
Matched Cycles
>5000 times
Length Tolerance≦1m, +20m, -0.   ≧1m,+2%, -0
TemperatureConventional Heatsink Shrinkable Tube +105℃

High Temperature Shrinkable Tube +200℃
Electrical Charactors
SWR/Type N,  <1.25Type N,  <1.15
SMA/3.5mm, <1.30SMA/3.5mm, <1.25SMA/3.5mm, <1.10
Resistance50 Ohm
Shielding Efficiency>100dB
Attenuation VS Average PowerAttenuation (+25℃), Power(typical @25℃ &VSWR=1.0) & Power (VSWR=1.0 40℃ Sea level)
Frequency (GHz)dBm/m                     W
26.52.904                        65
182.242                        88
6 1.122                         180